Useful Business Stationery Design Tips

In this competitive business world, small things have the huge impact. Similarly, reputation and first impression counts a lot. Business stationery is an important component of your business and plays an important role in presenting the professional image of your company to customers. Here are some of the useful business stationery design tips.

• Take Advantage of White Space
• Use A High Quality Paper
• Don’t forget the contact information

Take Advantage of White Space

If you want to convey a clear message to your customers and stakeholders then the best way to do that is to use white space effectively. Putting a lot of colors, fonts will distract the viewer away from the real message. Placing your main message between white space will make it prominent once again.


Use a High Quality Paper

Making the good first impression is very important for business. The paper you use for your stationery will have a direct impact on the minds of person who receive your message. Don’t ruin your creative business stationery design by using poor quality paper. Always use a heavier paper that will reflect your professionalism. You can also experiment with the design wherever possible.

Don’t Forget the Contact Information

Although, it is understood but some of the stationery designers either forgets to add contact details or hide it in a place where it is not easily visible. It is imperative that you make your contact information prominent and place it at the top or at a place where it can be visible to everyone. Add your phone number, email address and address along with your website address to make it easier for your customers to contact you.

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